KALANDER is a dynamic fusion of electronic and ethnic melodies running the gamut of modern music styles, accompanied by artist shows and colorful visualizations. It is an international art project created by Petr Dmitriev in 2008 with the support of friends from different parts of the world. Musicians from many countries, carriers of various authentic and modern musical traditions take part in studio recordings and concert performances.

Denis Kucherov – member of the Kalander project as a percussionist and concert manager. Besides that Denis is a producer of eastern art festival Dairafest and world music project Samhey, also Konnakol teacher of the universal rhythm language from South India. Denis received worldwide recognition by exciting blend of ancient sounds through his instruments combined with intricate beats with sometimes complicated measures.

Radik Tyulyush is an outstanding musician from The Republic of Tyva - Soloist of world renowned "Huun-Huur-Tu". Master of famous traditional Tuvan throat-singing techniques and such instruments as igil, byzaanchi, doshpuluur, khomus (mouth harp).